T-Bone Steak

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Product description
Product description
The T-Bone Steak are cut from the short loin of the beef. The beginning of the short loin is where you will find the Porterhouse steak which has the New York Strip Steak on one side and the Filet Mignon on the other side. As you make your way down the short loin, the filet gets smaller before it disappears all together leaving you with the T-Bone Steaks. Sometimes a T-Bone steak may have a sliver of Filet still attached but most of the times the Filets are attached to the Porterhouse steaks. The T-Bone gives you a deliciously tender New York Strip Steak with a bone along the top and side. They are perfectly marbled, and as the steak cooks the fat will melt delicious flavor into the meat. Cut around the bone and enjoy this delicious steak.
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