Farm Share

A cross between a “Co-op”, and “Subscribe and Save” our monthly subscription service (Farm Share) allows you to enjoy monthly meat deliveries with benefits. Members save 6 % on every Farm Share order, plus get exclusive access to new products, sneak peeks, priority shipping & more.

  • Never Run Out
  • You’re In Control
  • Priority Shipping

How It Works?

Build Your Box

Choose one of our curated subscription boxes to get started, or build your own custom box with your first order. Our menu of grass-fed beef, pastured pork, pasture-raised poultry and wild-caught seafood give you endless possibilities.

Get Your Delivery

Set the frequency of your orders and join our delivery route. Each delivery is shipped fresh in an insulated cooler with gel ice packs to ensure your meats stay nice and cold.


Your meats have arrived and are ready for your table or freezer! Visit our YouTube Channel and Recipe Corner to learn tips and tricks to prepare your farm-fresh, grass-fed meats.

Why John Henry’s?


John Henry’s is committed to providing our customers with the BEST grass-fed beef, pastured pork, pastured poultry and wild-caught seafood available.


Skip the store and purchase directly from the farm. With our Farm Share program you will never run out of healthy, delicious meats.


A fully customizable subscription box gives you the flexibility you need. Choose your favorite meat cuts along with a delivery day that works best for you.

What Our Customers Say?

Very pleased with the quality of all beef cuts! Huge flavor with just salt and pepper seasoning. No more restaurant steak dinners for us anymore-way better to cook up what we have at home! Will order again!

Jennie M.

I have purchased from John
Henry's for YEARS ... literally can't beat it. Love this pack as there is so much, I can do with it - it's versatile and the quality of the meat/taste is exceptional.

Amy M.

I've never purchased meats
directly from a farm before. I
wanted to start eating healthier
meats from a trusted source. It's
nice knowing how the animals on your farm are raised.

Jennifer P.

You have customers for life with us!
Very satisfied!!

Ali Q

Been so happy with the customer service and meat quality. Thank you!

Kaitlyn M.

We have loved every product we
ordered from you and so grateful to have found you

Pat B.

Amazing quality products. Wo
purchased from you before the
pandemic, but now you are and
will continue to be our main source of meet going forward.

Vanessa F.

We researched and decided to try your moat! We made a good

Christine D.

I have very sensitive digestion, so there is no fooling my gut. Quality is top notch.

Brian C.


How do I sign up?

What benefits will I receive?

Can I change my order every month?

Can I skip a month?

Can I cancel my order?

Can I change my delivery date?

I forgot my delivery date; how can I check it?

Monthly deliveries don’t work for my family, do you offer weekly, bi-weekly, or bi-monthly options?

Can my Loyalty Rewards be combined with my Farm Share discount?

Can I be a Farm Share member if I live out of state?

Where do you personally deliver with your trucks and how does it affect my packages?

Farm Share Local Delivery Map

Greater Detroit up to Millington

Please note that you can still have a subscription with us even if you don't live within this map. We are switching our delivery system up and for this section we will be doing all of these deliveries ourselves most of the time. Every 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month we will be on the East Side. Every 2nd and 4th Thursday we will be on the West Side to make deliveries. If you are located in the middle section, we will be making deliveries every Thursday. *We also have Tuesday deliveries available as well for those who are unable to recive Thursday deliveries.