Prime Rib - Cradle Cut

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Product description
Product description
The Prime Rib, also known as a Standing Rib Roast or Ribeye Roast, is a fine-grain primal cut of meat from our grass fed cows. Our butchers can prepare this cut for you in many different ways. It can be ordered by selecting the number of ribs or the number of pounds needed for your meal. This impressive roast has all of the flavor of the Bone In Prime Rib, with none of the pesky carving! Our butcher will cut the bone rack partially away from the roast, leaving a small "cradle" portion still attached for roasting. After roasting, you can easily cut the meat the rest of the way from the bone rack for boneless slicing. Our Cradle Cut Prime Rib can be cut to your desired weight anywhere from 4-15 lbs.

John Henry's also offers traditional Bone In and Boneless Prime Rib.

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