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Product description
Product description
Cube Steak is a Round Steak that has been tenderized by a technique of pounding and rolling, which leaves little cube shaped marks on the meat. Our butchers have done the work for you by running these round steaks through our tenderizing machine, so they are ready to go! This technique is also known as “swissing” which is why this cut of meat is also known as Swiss Steak. In some parts of England and the United States it’s also known as Smothered Steak which refers more to a method of cooking commonly used for this cut of meat by braising it and then smothering it with sauce or gravy. Cube Steak is also known as "Minute Steak" because it cooks so quickly and it's the most common cut of meat used for making Chicken Fried Steak and Country Fried Steak! It's called many names, but it's the same great cut of beef. 

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