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Product description
Product description
A Beef Tenderloin is often referred to as the most tender cut of beef. It is cut from the top loin of the beef near the spine. This thin, supportive muscle is rarely used, so it develops almost no fat, and extremely fine marbling. The tenderloin is a very rare cut because there are only 2 small tenderloins per cow. Every cut of beef tenderloin is trimmed of excess fat and the silver skin is removed. Our butchers take extra time and detailed attention to make sure your grass fed, pasture raised beef tenderloin is the most flavorful and tender cut of meat you have ever tasted! Our butcher also folds and ties the meat together so it cooks the meat evenly all around the tenderloin when you prepare your meal.

This cut of meat is also where we get the famous Filet Mignon steak cut as well our delicious and tender Beef Kabob meat. You can also order a smaller, trimmed down version as a Half Beef Tenderloin. It's also a portion of the very popular Porterhouse Steak and a small portion of it can be found in our T-Bone Steaks as well.

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