Caramelizing onions

Caramelizing onions compliments an extensive variety of meals not just burgers. Caramelizing onions are good toppers also for meals such as creamy pastas, chicken, pork chops, steak, cheese fries, hot spinach salads, over easy eggs…. You name it!

For every half onion use two table spoons of oil (not olive, olive has a high boiling point and doesn’t crisp the onions as well)

cut onion in half (end to end) then in a half circle motion cut very thin long slices ( should look like moon cresents)

  • 1-heat non-stick pan to medium or medium high (depending on your stove)
  • 2-add oil wait 1 minute if the oil is smoking then your heat is too high
  • 3-add onions and cook (stirring every one minute)
  • 4-remove onions at your desired doneness.
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