EASY MEAL - Making Rodeo Blue Cheese Burgers w/Grilled Onion Strings (or creating your own great Rodeo Burger)

Upon sitting down

Upon sitting down for dinner this Tuesday night; I had a slight dejvu of being at one of my favorite burger restaurants. This burger with all of its contents gave a buttery, meaty, cheesy creamy taste to satisfy anyone’s taste buds. In the pictures bellow I show myself adding eggs and spices. However; when you receive your easy meal, the burgers will already be assembled (without egg) and ready to cook. Only with ground chuck, would I suggest to use egg. This helps hold the meat together.

The burgers will be made with ground sirloin which 99% meat and 1% fat. This means not only will the burger be very lean but also very meaty. If you are looking for more of a juicy burger I would suggest getting ground chuck. Chuck is the shoulder beef loin and tends to have a higher fat content. When you cook animal fat it becomes a liquid and coats the meat making it tenderer. Most of the fat after coating the meat will drain out of the meat during your cooking. If you are wanting ground chuck (for now), there is a 10lbs minimum.

In the picture you will see caramelized onions as well as blue cheese added to this burger. However you are allowed to use any condiments and toppings you choose.  You can order your rodeo burgers - easy meal here!   For instructions on caramelizing onions, please visit the recipe corner section on caramalizing onions.

Cooking Instructions:

Heat grill to medium heat or equivalent

Grill for 5-9 minutes depending on preference of meat doneness

Bon appetite!

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