Making Delicious Gravy!

Using the juices left on the bottom of the pan creates flavorful rich gravy that compliments any meal.

  1. Heat juice in a small-medium pan over medium heat.
  2. When juice starts to boil add a teaspoon of broth per cup of juice.                                                                                                                                                                              (This is the method I used for the recipe called “Asian Java Pork Chop” in this I also suggest to add ¼ cup of the ginger plum dressing to the juice during this step)
  3. In a small cup add one heaping tablespoon of flour per one cup of juice that is in your saucepan.
  4. Run warm water from your sink at a very slow pace.
  5. Add the warm water to your flour while stirring with a fork. (Only add enough water to make it a thick milk)
  6. Add this to your boiling juice, reduce heat and stir until desired thickness.

Try making your own gravy this Thanksgiving!

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