Join Our Farm Share Family!
When you sign up for a subscription at John Henry's you are helping out yourself and supporting a small family-owned business. We love all our customers, new and current, and thought it was the perfect time to offer a gift back to you. When you sign up for a monthly farm share today you will be given 6 free filets, a farm share discount, and you earn loyalty points. * 

Choose the meat cuts and products that work best for you. Change it every month to meet your needs. Skip the wait and have it delivered right to your door. This will make you one of our share members and our newest VIP.

To earn this promotion, use coupon code:6FREEFILETS at checkout.

-Just remember your order must be over $200, you need to select to have it delivered, and to receive your free filets you must select yes to make your order a monthly farm share during checkout! Don't forget to apply the coupon code! 

Our farm share customers are the VIPs of John Henry’s and while we treat every customer like family our VIPs get the favorite uncle treatment. They receive sneak peeks on upcoming specials, early access, and free trials of new products as well as priority shipping and discounted shipping rates.

What is a Farm Share Subscription? 

A cross between a “Co-op”, and “Subscribe and Save” our monthly subscription service (Farm Share) allows you to enjoy monthly meat deliveries with benefits. Members save 5-7 % on every Farm Share order over $100, plus get exclusive access to new products, sneak peeks, priority discounted shipping & more.

Loyalty Points and Farm Share Discount:

Every subscription order over $100 receives a 5% discount, $200 receives a 6% discount and $300+ receives a 7% discount. These discounts add up and help you get the best meats at the best prices! These discounts not only apply

to the farm share order but to any additional order over $100 as well. So, if you are placing a holiday order in addition to your monthly farm share order it will receive the discount too. The farm share discount can also be stacked with us.

loyalty points. Our loyalty points are earned on every order over $100 and can be redeemed for money off future orders. If you save up your loyalty points you can redeem 1000 points for $50 off and that’s a huge savings!


You will receive Two FREE 4oz. Filet Mignons in your next 3 MONTHLY orders (a $20.00+ value per order). Free Filet Mignon promotion applies for 3 months and will be voided if subsequent orders are canceled or fall below the $200 threshold. Farm Share orders over $100 receive a discount of 5-7%. Discounts apply to monthly farm share orders as well as any additional orders placed through the website. Delivery fees apply to all orders, but Farm Share customers receive a discounted delivery rate. Each order over $100 will accumulate loyalty points through the website and can be redeemed for money off future orders.

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