Delicious Cottage Ham

Remember your youth and the aroma of smoked cottage ham or picnic ham as some call it?  If this jogs your memory, you may have raised near the Great Lakes.  Michigan and the surrounding states have fond feelings for a smoked cottage ham. This scrumptious ham is part of the pork shoulder. The shoulder is netted and hickory smoked to perfection. It is fully cooked and ready to slice and eat cold or heat and serve warm. Everyone who has tried the smoked cottage ham loves its delicious smokey flavor and versatility.

Smoked cottage ham has many uses for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. For breakfast, you may choose to cut thin slices of ham to pan fry. Or you may decide to cut it in small chunks to add to your omelet or scrambled eggs. Because this ham is cut from the pork shoulder, it will naturally have more marbling in it, which will help keep it juicy.  An easy lunch with a cottage home is sliced ham sandwiches. You can’t go wrong with ham slices cut to your desired thickness. You are the butcher at lunchtime and you get to decide what your sandwich looks like. Dinner is a whole other ballgame. There are so many uses for cottage hams at dinnertime. My grandma has told me stories about how popular these tiny hams were back in her day. She would often make a traditional ham dinner consisting of a small smoked cottage ham, green beans and potatoes from the garden. That kind of meal is right up my alley. I love the smokey flavor that the ham gives the green beans and potatoes. I am sure anyone who tries this tasty meal will be coming back for seconds! Our customers have also told us that the smoked cottage ham makes an amazing pan of ham and bean soup. The hickory-smoked flavor fills the beans and broth and you are left with comfort in a bowl. My favorite dish to make for family functions is a Betty Crocker recipe – Ham and Scalloped Potatoes. This recipe is delicious, it is filled with lots of ham, butter, and delicious gravy. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water.

As you can see, the uses are endless. We would love to hear about your favorite ways to use a smoked cottage ham.

Finding a smoked cottage ham that fits your needs and excites your tastebuds is so important. In today’s world, there aren’t as many custom butcher shops, so finding this cut of meat may be tricky. Luckily, we have been smoking pork shoulders for years and have no plan to stop. If you would like to relive your childhood or try something new, try one of our smoked cottage hams.

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Smoked Cottage Ham

Cottage Ham, Boneless Smoked (2 – 3 lbs.)
Approximately 2-3 lbs per package. Price is an estimate and based on exactly 2.50 lbs. Exact price will vary.

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