Welcome to John Henry’s Meats

Our small family farm here in Michigan started with a desire to provide farm fresh meats to customers in our local area. With over 50 years of farming and animal husbandry experience, we have always prided ourselves on providing exceptional customer service and amazing meats. Through humble beginnings, our mission hasn’t wavered.
We have just broadened our reach, now serving most of the eastern half of the United States.

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Farm Share

A cross between a “Co-op”, and “Subscribe and Save” our monthly subscription service (Farm Share) allows you to enjoy monthly meat deliveries with benefits. Members save 6 % on every Farm Share order, plus get exclusive access to new products, sneak peeks, priority shipping & more.

What Our Customers Say?

For a number of years, my family has appreciated the quality of your meats and your friendly and helpful service.

Jane O.

We tried a couple of the other competitors and we like your meat the best.

Sheri-lyn B.

I like how the farm is local and humanely raises the livestock. I think that factory farming is disgusting and inhumane, so I do my best to avoid buying meat at the grocery store and buying it from a local farm instead. I have had great experience with John Henry and the few times I have called customer service, the people I talked to were very helpful and friendly.

Chris D.

Very pleased with the quality of all beef cuts! Huge flavor with just salt and pepper seasoning. No more restaurant steak dinners for us anymore-way better to cook up what we have at home! Will order again!

Jennie M.

I have purchased from John Henry's for YEARS. literally can't beat it. Love this pack as there is so much, I can do with it - it's versatile and the quality of the meat/taste is exceptional.

Amy M.

I've never purchased meats directly from a farm before. I wanted to start eating healthier meats from a trusted source. It's nice knowing how the animals on your farm are raised.

Jennifer P.