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Product description

Marrow Bones are full of nutrients and are the perfect base for making your favorite soup or a healthy Beef Bone Broth. They're not just healthy for you, Marrow Bones are loved by doggies as well! Treat your pet to a healthy grass fed beef bone!

Marrow bones come in all shapes and sizes because they are cut from all the parts of the legs of the cow. For making bone broth this is no problem, because it's what's inside that matters so they don't have to be pretty. There is a very small portion of the femur bone that is very thick and very straight, this is the center-cut marrow bone. If you need your marrow bones to look "pretty" for a recipe, please request "center-cut marrow bones" in the special instructions at checkout so that we can be sure to send you the right kind of marrow bones. 

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