Sourdough Stuffed Roasting Chicken

Sourdough Stuffed Roasting Chicken


One 5-9lb

John Henry's Roaster Chicken

4 Slices

Sourdough Bread, Cut into 3/4" cubes

3 Tbsp



Sweet onion, Finely Diced


Garlic Cloves, Minced


Celery Stalk, Finely Diced

1/2 Cup

Chicken Broth

Herbs de Provence Seasoning Blend

Salt & Pepper

Kitchen Twine


Today we will start off by preheating the oven to 450 degrees. We will then cut our sourdough bread into ¾ “ cubes,  we need about 2 cups. We will go ahead and spread the bread cubes onto a baking sheet and bake for about 5-7 minutes or until they are dry and toasted. Then we can move them to a large bowl. While they are in the oven toasting, we will start to begin to melt our butter in a skillet on medium heat. As that begins to melt, we will add in our onion, garlic, and celery and cook them until they become translucent which will take about 5 minutes. After that, we will add in our thyme and allow that to cook for about 1 minute. Now that the bread is toasting, we will add the bread cubes to a large bowl and stir in our veggie and spice mixture. We will also add enough broth to make the mix evenly moist but not wet. Season everything with salt and pepper.

Now to prepare the chicken we will pat the chicken dry. Rub with butter and season it inside and out with salt and pepper and an herbs de Provence blend. Place in a roasting pan. Stuff the cavity with our sourdough stuffing blend, tie the legs together, and tuck wins underneath to act as a homemade rack. Cover any remaining stuffing with foil but leave the chicken exposed. Place the roasting pan into the oven and cook for 30 minutes at 450 degrees, then turn the temperature down to 375 degrees and cook for another 25-30 minutes or until a meat thermometer inserted into the thickest part of the thigh registers 165 degrees. You can then remove it from the oven and allow it to rest for about 10 minutes before serving. 

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