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Getting Personal: Meet Remi
Remi & I
Growing up on the farm instilled in me a love for animals. But my favorite animals on our farm were the horses. My parents cared for a friends horses for years and I benefited by always having a pony or horse to play with and ride.
Buddie & I in the Black Hills of South Dakota
I got my very first horse, Buddie, when I was 16 yrs old and wow, was he a handful! But something about him and I together was just right. He was barely broke to ride when I got him and I knew very little about training a horse, let alone a spirited one. But after a few runaways in the field and getting the right equipment, we met in the middle and started to get along. I joined a 4-H group and we both learned so much that the following years were filled with so many amazing accomplishments. I even took him to the Black Hills in South Dakota for a 2 week trail ride. That trip was one of the best! As I grew up and moved away for college it just wasn’t fair for Buddie to stand in the pasture. I found him a new home with a sweet lady who wanted to take him on more trail rides. I knew they would be a perfect match even though it broke my heart to say goodbye to him.
Remi – American Quarter Horse
Fast forward several years and 4 kids later and another beauty comes into my life, Remi. This time around has been a little bit different, I find I don’t have nearly as much time as I did when I was 16. My time gets divided between, work, family, the farm and then whatever is left goes to him. It is so great to be able to share my love for horses with my children. My girls especially love taking rides on Remi.
Zannah taking a ride on Remi last winter.
Unfortunately, life has been pretty busy and lately, there has been a lot less time going to him.  But every chance I get to go to the barn and breath in the smell of horse, I am in my happy place. Sometimes it takes me back to simpler times when I was just a young girl without a care in the world and a love for horses.

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