Aunt Sandi's Breakfast Casserole

  • 1-1.5 lbs. John Henry's Bulk Breakfast Pork Sausage - Browned
  • Break enough bread (without top crust) to fill a 9X13 casserole Dish about 3/4 full
  • 10-12 John Henry's Farm Fresh Eggs
  • 2-3 cups of whole milk
  • 1 cup John Henry's Cheddar Cheese - grated
  • 1 tsp. salt
  • 1 tsp. dry mustard
  • 1/2 cup - 3/4 cup red and green peppers (or as desired) - chopped
  • small jar of mushrooms - chopped


Fill casserole dish about 3/4 full with bread.  Sprinkle John Henry's Bulk Breakfast Pork Sausage evenly on top of bread.

In a large bowl, beat together remaining ingredients to create egg mixture.  Pour egg mixture over bread and sausage and then gently mix all together.  Cover and put in the refrigerator overnight.  In the morning take out and uncover.  Let stand at room temperature for an hour (if you have the time to do so).  Bake in the oven @ 350 F for close to an hour or until a knife is inserted in the middle and comes out clean.  You may need to cover with tin foil for last 15-20 minutes so the top does not get too brown while the center cooks.

Note: Most of the time I put about a 1/2 inch of water in a large tin foil pan and then put the casserole dish in the water and then bake.  This prevents the sides and bottom from getting too done.  This is not necessary though.

**Do Not Try To Double This Recipe And Cook In A Larger Pan - It Does Not Work**


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