Unpacking Our Instant Pot Bundle

Unpacking Our Instant Pot Bundle

Our Instant Pot Bundle includes our most popular meat cuts that are perfect for cooking in the Instant Pot. We're not only going to unpack it and see which meat cuts are included, but I'm also rounding up some great recipes from our website for you to use to get cooking! This is a great post for beginners who are just getting to know their Instant Pot; each of our recipes offers simple use and cooking instructions. You might not be a pro by the end of this blog but you'll at least know how to cook 6 basic meals in your Instant Pot!
The first item we chose to include in our bundle is a Boneless Chuck Roast. Our butchers cut the large, beef shoulder roast down to a nice shape so it fits perfectly in your standard size Instant Pot. The roast included is about 3lbs and should be just the right amount for a family of 5. Chuck roast is the perfect choice for a classic pot roast dinner. This cut of beef has tasty, marbled fat throughout the roast, which means more flavor!! The fat will melt into the meat while it pressure cooks and you will have a pot roast so tender you'd think it had been slow cooking all day long! The Chuck Roast can be used in our recipe for Easy English Pot Roast and will get you started on a simple, hearty meal using your Instant Pot.
Baby Back Ribs might seem like a funny choice for this meat bundle, because they typically have to cook low and slow on the grill or in the oven for several hours in order to achieve perfect tenderness and flavor. However, the pressure cooking process turns out such tender and flavorful ribs that we couldn't help but introduce you to cooking ribs this way. But wait, do you have to cut them up first or something? How do you fit a long slab of ribs into a round pot? The answer? You roll them, like a coil!
John Henry's Baby Backs are meaty, and tender, and will roll pretty easily into your Instant Pot. Our recipe is pretty straight-forward too, great for beginners. Check out Instant Pot Agave BBQ Ribs in the Recipe Corner!
The next meat cut we've included was a no-brainer. If you're getting an Instant Pot bundle then you must have a Boneless Pork Shoulder Roast (Pork Butt) so that you can make Pulled Pork! You can serve it up many ways but if mashed potatoes and green beans are on the menu then you'll definitely want the recipe for our savory, sweet Cinnamon Sugar Pulled Pork. Our butchers cut the roast at about 3lbs and pork butts are known for having thicker sections of fat cap and marbling, which will give the roast so much flavor! On the blog you can see pictures of what the roast may look like both before and after it's been cooked in the Instant Pot. You could make Shredded Pork Tacos, BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwiches, Shredded Pork Stir Fry... However you serve it, we know you'll love it! You can learn more about this particular cut of meat in our Pork Butt Meat Cut Highlight.
Another Instant Pot must-have is a Whole Fryer Chicken. John Henry's Fryer Chickens are small, averaging about 3-5lbs, and are the perfect size for a smaller family. Our chickens are free-range, and we keep them in large pens that have huge doors with access to the outdoors as often as they want. Learn more about our farm-raised chickens in this video on our blog. Because of their active lifestyles, our Fryer Chickens are extremely lean and have very little fat, so they are a perfect fit in the Instant Pot. Cook it up rotisserie-style with our recipe for Instant Pot Roasted Chicken!
Out of all the meat cuts we are sending you, the Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts are probably the package you're thinking looks like a good choice to try cooking first, especially if your new to your Instant Pot. And you're probably right! Shredded chicken is a staple that can be used in hundreds of recipes and in tons of different ways! Our Chicken Breasts are leaner than factory bred chickens and the Instant Pot helps to keep them tender and juicy! Our butcher cuts them from our larger, Roaster Chickens and he hand-trims the fat off of each breast so that it is ready to be cooked in your favorite recipe. Speaking of recipes, we have several recipes for boneless skinless chicken breast in the recipe corner but if you want to spice up Taco Tuesday this week, then try our recipe for Chipotle Citrus Chicken Tacos.
The final item we included in the Instant Pot Bundle is your choice of a Chicken, Beef or Turkey Bone Broth Bundle. Each kit contains a selection of bones from the animal that are nutritious and perfect for a batch of healing bone broth! Your broth is a breeze to make in the Instant Pot and it can be used in recipes, as a soup base, or even as a healthy daily beverage all by itself. Learn more about how to use bone broth on our blog and get the easy recipe to make it in our Recipe Corner!
And that is our Instant Pot Bundle! We hope you enjoy all of your meat cuts and get a chance to try out some new recipes in your Instant Pot this week. If you love our meats, be sure to revisit our website to leave a review for our other customers and of course, reorder at www.JohnHenrys.net!
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