Skirt Steak – Meat Cut Highlight

Skirt Steak – Meat Cut Highlight

Skirt steak is a unique cut of beef that is loved for its flavor rather than it’s tenderness. It is not to be confused with flank steak that is cut from the flank of the beef near the rear quarter.

Skirt steak is the trimmed, boneless portion of the diaphragm muscle. This steak is covered in a thick tough membrane that our butchers remove. When you receive this delicious cut from us it will be ready for your grill.

To minimize the toughness of this cut, it is often best to marinate it. Many choose to grill it, pan-sear it very quickly or braise it by cooking it very slowly. Skirt steaks are often the choice cut for fajitas and Asian stir-fry dishes because slicing against the grain maximizes tenderness.

When choosing to eat healthily there is no need to skimp out on flavor. By choosing John Henry’s grass-fed beef, you are not only making a healthy choice but a flavorful one as well. Combining the correct seasoning and sides will only complement this delicious cut.



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