John Henry’s Breakfast Sausage Links

John Henry’s Breakfast Sausage Links

Our Breakfast Sausage Links have always been one of our top selling products. They are dairy free and made with only the best ingredients; no fillers! John Henry’s offers a variety of flavors to choose from!

Our Pork Breakfast Links are made with John Henry’s 100% Pasture-Raised Pork, ground up and blended with our special blend of Dairy-Free seasonings.

With a touch of something sweet, the Maple Breakfast Links are a huge favorite! The Maple Links are also made with our Ground Pork mixture and a different blend of organic seasonings that give it the strong maple flavor.

The ever popular Turkey Breakfast Links are made with John Henry’s moist Ground Turkey meat and it’s own unique blend of dairy free, organic seasonings.

Don’t forget our delicious and mildly seasoned Chicken Breakfast Links, a favorite among the kids, made with our meaty Ground Chicken and blended with mild, dairy free seasonings.

Our newest addition would be the spicy Chicken Chorizo Breakfast Links. Add some spice to your morning with this awesome blend of spices, seasonings and John Henry’s Ground Chicken meat.

All of our breakfast links are handmade by our butchers and frozen in packages of 12. Give them all a try!

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