Healthy Start Bundle

Healthy Start Bundle

New Year, New You! Come aboard the healthy eating train with our delicious Healthy Start Bundle. This bundle was curated with our healthiest, leanest and most popular meat cuts. It’s a great choice if you are new to eating clean, or are just looking to get a fresh start to your meal planning with healthy choices.

All of our animals here at John Henry’s are raised locally on our family farm in Millington, MI. We take very good care of them to make sure that they are healthy and happy. They are never given any hormones or antibiotics and our fields and feed are never exposed to harsh chemicals or pesticides. All of our animals are raised in the pastures and they love to spend their days being outside where the sunshine is! Due to their active lifestyle and healthy diet our animals develop less fat and a multitude of minerals and vitamins and healthy proteins. This means that many of our meat cuts are naturally leaner and healthier than what you might find from a factory farm.

With so many healthy meat cuts to choose from, we had a fun time selecting which meats would make the “cut” into this bundle for beginners. Something we hear from our customers a lot is “I just don’t want to mess it up.” Keeping that in mind, for this bundle we chose meat cuts that are easy to cook and that are pretty versatile for everyday meals. We wanted you to be able to start cooking with them immediately with no fear! So here’s what we’ve included in your Healthy Start Bundle…

Our Pork Tenderloin is a huge customer favorite and is the most tender cut of pastured pork available! Our butcher trims the tenderloin and completely removes the tough, silver skin so that it is ready for seasonings! The Pork Tenderloin has a light flavor and is extremely versatile. It can be prepared a multitude of ways, just like you would a chicken breast! It can be used as a substitute in any chicken recipe, and is popular in sweet Asian-style dishes too. Try this easy recipe for Lemon Rosemary Pork Tenderloin.
Our Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts are larger and leaner than factory bred chickens and so tender and juicy! Our butcher debones and separates the breasts from our larger, Roaster Chickens. We trim the fat off of each breast so that it is ready to be cooked in your favorite recipe. In this bundle you will receive 4 single, larger, boneless, skinless chicken breasts packaged individually. If you need a recipe for these, try our Recipe Corner where you’ll find all kinds of ideas including Herb Grilled Chicken & Fire Roasted Vegetables. 
Our Ground Sirloin is our leanest beef grind at a 90/10 fat content blend. You’ll get great flavor without all the fat! Our Ground Sirloin is ground fresh in small batches from one beef at a time and no additives or fillers are used. Its just beef! From chili to tacos there are countless ways to use our Ground Sirloin, but if you need a head start try this recipe for The Best Burgers Ever!
Our exclusive blend of Ground Turkey is ground fresh here at John Henry’s with only breast and thigh meat, no fillers ever! Our ground turkey is quite lean, and naturally has less fat due to the active lifestyle of our turkeys, so it can dry out easily if overcooked. But this unique blend of dark and light meat together makes for a moist burger mixture, rather than dry. This is not your average ground turkey! You can easily substitute turkey in for any recipe that calls for a ground meat or try this recipe from our blog: How to Make Ground Turkey Lo Mein.
The English Roast is the perfect “Sunday Dinner” style roast because it’s best when slow cooked all day long. You can use an Instant Pot to speed up the process by a few hours. It’s similar to a chuck roast but has less fat and so it was a perfect choice for this bundle. Check out our recipe and cooking instructions for an Easy English Pot Roast.
Adding Salmon to the Healthy Start Bundle was kind of a no-brainer. It’s already a popular health food because Salmon is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. But there’s something special about John Henry’s Salmon… it’s Wild-Caught. That means it is super lean and meaty, quite different from what you might find from the farm-raised selection of fish from the grocery store. I am definitely a fan of the Salmon! Here’s a delicious recipe from our Farm 2 Table Dinners for a Sweet & Spicy Thai Salmon Dinner.
We’ve included a package of our delicious Chicken Breakfast Sausage Links for you to try. They are mildly seasoned and made with our special Ground Chicken. They are also dairy free! We don’t really have a recipe for these, because they can go with anything for breakfast so the choice is yours. But we have included some simple cooking instructions in our blog post: John Henry’s Breakfast Sausage Links.
We’ve also included some of John Henry’s famous Homemade Italian Turkey Bratwurst. Each of our Quarter Pound Homemade Bratwurst is ground, stuffed and twisted by hand by our butchers. Our Italian Turkey Brats are made with our pasture raised Ground Turkey and seasoned with a certified organic blend of Italian sausage spices. Brats can be used as a meal all by itself or cut up to be used in another meal. For traditional cooking instructions, visit our blog post All About Our Brats.
Your healthy start wouldn’t be complete without trying our Nitrate and Nitrite Free Hickory Smoked Bacon. We felt so strongly about this that we decided to offer it as a free bonus with the purchase of this bundle! Find out more about our bacon and get the cooking instructions on our blog post John Henry’s Hickory Smoked Bacon & Side Pork.
So in closing, here’s a quick recap of what the Healthy Start Bundle includes:
The Healthy Start Bundle Includes:
1 – Pork Tenderloin
4 – B/S Chicken Breast (Individual)
2 – Ground Sirloin
2 – Ground Turkey
1 – Boneless English Roast
4 – Salmon pieces
1 – Chicken Breakfast Sausage Links
1 – Italian Turkey Bratwurst
1 – Free Hickory Smoked Bacon
If you haven’t ordered it already, add the Healthy Start Bundle to your shopping cart today.
Happy Cooking!
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