Grass-Fed Cheese & Dairy Products from John Henry's Meats

Grass-Fed Cheese & Dairy Products from John Henry's Meats

At John Henry's we have partnered with our friends at Farm Country Cheese House to offer you a variety of healthy cheeses from grass fed cows. Farm Country Cheese House broke ground in April, 1983 and began production in July of 1984. From the beginning, the Amish communities in and around Lakeview, Michigan have supplied all of the milk and most of the labor to process the wide variety of cheeses sold. We've chosen to partner with them because we share similar farming practices. The Amish Farmers' average herd size is up to 20 cows. The cows are naturally raised, grass fed and antibiotic free, with absolutely no artificial hormones introduced in their diet and their field are never exposed to harsh chemicals. Where John Henry's specializes in raising cows for their meat, Farm Country Cheese House focuses on raising cows for their milk.
The farmers milk the cows twice daily, by hand, for delivery to the Cheese House. There some of the cheeses are blended with farm fresh ingredients to create the unique flavors. Once the cheeses have been finished and aged properly, we bring them to John Henry's to be packaged into 1lb blocks and then sold at our Farmers' Markets or delivered to your home.
We currently carry 20 different kinds of cheeses! There are so many unique flavors, you'll want to try them all!
Michigan Jack - This young Jack cheese is supple and has a slight buttery aroma. Its creamy texture, high moisture and mild flavor make it easy to pair with fruits and a delicious compliment to any sandwich or burger. It pairs so easily in fact, that Michigan Jack is used as a base for many of the flavored cheeses that we offer.
Provolone - Provolone is a semi-hard cheese with a mild flavor. It's popular when sliced for sandwiches.
Muenster - This semi-soft cheese has a very mild flavor and smooth, soft texture. The Annatto coloring in the rind adds a sweet and nutty flavor to the cheese. Muenster melts easily and is delicious in grilled cheese!
Mozzarella - This mild cheese is perfect for salad toppings, grating or pasta!
Horseradish - If you are a true horseradish lover, this cheese is for you. The potent bite of real horseradish root is soothed by the pairing with our creamy Michigan Jack. Enjoy this rich cheese with a bite, but very little burn. Try it with toast!
Hot Pepper - This is Michigan Jack cheese mixed with a sweet, but spicy Jalapeno Pepper. It is a perfect blend of flavor. We consider this to be mild in heat. It is wonderful on toast and fantastic in Mexican dishes!
Onion & Garlic - A classic full flavored cheese, this delicious mix is full of fresh onion and garlic. It awakens pasta, burgers, sandwiches or any favorite cheesy recipe. Nothing tastes better on its own or with crackers.
Habanero - HOT HOT HOT! Michigan Jack and Orange Habanero Peppers make this cheese pop! This best selling specialty is hot enough to fly off the shelves and hot enough to satisfy even the fieriest cowboy. Real orange habanero peppers are added to our Michigan Jack. This Tex-Mex inspired cheese is not for the tentative taster. It is truly one of the hottest cheeses on the market!
Dill - We cannot think of many combinations more perfect than that of dill and our supple Michigan Jack cheese. The creamy mild Jack has a slight buttery aroma and is given a subtle pop of flavor by the addition of fresh farm grown dill. This sweet and mellow cheese matches well with light bodied wines, figs, pears and nuts.
Baby Swiss - Baby Swiss has a mild taste and smooth, creamy texture that melts really well when shredded. The sweet, buttery, nutty flavor pairs well with fruits, berries and wine.
White Cheddar - This classic cheddar cheese does not have any color additives, preserving its natural creamy white color. The cheddar is aged for specific periods to develop stronger notes and flavors. The Medium Cheddar is aged for a minimum of 6 months. The Sharp is aged for at least 12 months and the Extra Sharp must be aged for a minimum of 18 months. The flavor intensifies the longer it ages. We offer all 3!
Colby - Colby is a soft, moist and fairly mild cheese. It is excellent as a table cheese, perfect for grating and grilling, and in snacks and salads.
Marble - An outstanding mix of our Colby and Michigan Jack cheeses. With wonderful color this cheese is terrific for cooking and is a delightful snacking cheese.
Pinconning Cheddar - Pinconning is a Colby-style cheddar that was first created in Pinconning, MI. It is a semi-hard cheese and ages really well for intensified flavor. We offer it in Mild, Sharp and Extra Sharp.
String Cheese - Try these individually wrapped Mozzarella cheese sticks! They are so easy and it's great knowing that you're grabbing a healthier option for snacking! These do come pre-packaged, directly from the Cheese House.
Plain Chevre Goat Cheese - This creamy, spreadable cheese has so many uses! Chevre is a soft, plain Goat Cheese that has a light flavor and creamy texture. Use it as a base to make a flavored spreads for crackers and toast, or add some to thicken your stew or sauce just before serving. Goat Cheese can also be used as a lactose-free substitute for Cream Cheese or Sour Cream in many recipes. The Goat Cheese comes super fresh from the dairy farm and we portion it out into 8 oz containers here at John Henry's. Then it is stored for a short period in freezing temperatures to preserve it at its freshest. Chevre thaws very well and will maintain its consistency after defrosting. It has usually thawed completely by the time we receive our delivery and it's spreadable and delicious!
Butter - This pure, farm fresh butter from grass fed cows is lightly salted and I promise you've never had butter like it before. Maybe because it's fresh from the farm, maybe because it's from grass fed cows, or maybe it's just the best tasting butter in the whole world... Whatever the reason, when you try this butter you won't go back! The 2lb roll is kinda big, but it's the perfect amount for my large family, it lasts us exactly two weeks. We use it for EVERYTHING! It also freezes well, if you wish to portion it into smaller amounts. Our butchers can cut them into 1lb half-rolls that are available on our website here. It is literally the 2lb roll, cut in half and repackaged for you.
What are your favorites? We'd love to hear what you think of everything you've tried so far. All of these delicious items are available on our website at Visit your favorites and leave us a review today!
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