Filet Mignon Bundle

Filet Mignon Bundle

If there was ever a cut of beef that truly stands out above all the rest, it is definitely the Filet Mignon. If you’ve never had a grass-fed and grass-finished Filet, then you haven’t really lived. If you have had one, then I’m certain you’d agree! From either stand point you’re probably reading this because you want to know more about them and why we chose to offer them in a bundle!
The Filet Mignon is an extremely tender cut of steak. I mean, melt in your mouth tender, cut with a butter knife tender… ok, maybe not a butter knife, I mean it’s still meat, you’ll need a steak knife, but it’s sooooo tasty, super easy to cook and did I mention tender? That’s because the Filet Mignon is cut from the Whole Beef Tenderloin which is a highly prized beef roast cut from the top loin near the spine. This thin supportive muscle is rarely used, so it develops almost no fat, and extremely fine marbling. Our cows are raised out in the pasture year-round. In the summer, they graze on the grasses and delicious foliage we’ve planted for them. We supplement their grass-fed diets throughout the winter with fermented corn silage that we grow and ferment right here on the farm. Due to their active lifestyle and healthy diets, our beef develops even finer marbling, more nutritious fats and a bounty of vitamins, minerals and proteins that can only be found in beef that’s been raised in the sunlight. You won’t get steak like this from a factory farm. John Henry’s Filet Mignon cuts are truly exceptional!
The tenderloin cut is very rare because there are only 2 tenderloins per cow, about 8lbs of meat in total. The average cow weighs about 800lbs at maturity (about 340lbs after butchering) so this 8lbs of tenderloin is also very expensive. At John Henry’s Meats, we want to make sure that you get your money’s worth! You’ll receive your filet’s fully trimmed, with all the tough silver skin removed for you. The whole tenderloin is a very long cut of meat with a thicker “top” portion and it gradually tapers down to a smaller “tip” end. Our butchers will cut the filet mignon steaks from the thicker, top portion so that you receive 10 beautifully shaped steaks. To see how we do it check out Katie’s Whole Beef Tenderloin Video.
This bundle is worthy of a special occasion, holiday dinner or a great chance to put some of your favorite steaks in the freezer so you never run out. Our filets will come vacuum sealed in freezer-safe packaging. The process will squish them down a little, so be sure and give them a chance to rest and reshape before you cook them. They will look lovely when seasoned and wrapped in twine with a rosemary sprig or wrapped in a few pieces of our nitrate-free Hickory Smoked Bacon and formed into a tall stack for smoking on the grill.
Or try our Garlic Butter Steak Recipe for a simple and deliciously easy way to cook this incredible meat cut. It’s a great recipe for any of our steak cuts really, but the filet mignon really is truly a cut above the rest.
Our Filet Mignon Bundle includes 10 Filet Mignon steaks, uniformly cut at 2 inches or 8 ounces each, for a discounted price of $184.99. Unlike our traditional pricing, this is a flat rate price and is not a weight-based quote. If you added these same 10 steaks to your shopping cart individually, it would cost upwards of $190 and the final price may vary depending on the final weights of the individual steaks, which are sold by the pound. Purchasing them in the bundle is your best chance to save money on this expensive cut of beef. Save even more with Farm Share! You can double up your savings by having this already discounted bundle ship with your subscription order this month. You’ll get the bundle price plus your subscription discount!
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