Farm Update – Fees & Delays

Farm Update – Fees & Delays

To Our Valued Customers,

I wanted to take this time to write to you about what is going on around the farm. We have received so many calls and emails related to placing orders, receiving deliveries, local farmers’ markets, and pickups. So much has happened in a short time and I want to fill you, our local customers, in on recent events.

A couple of weeks ago when the coronavirus hit the US we were also hit with a huge number of orders; we were so thankful and yet overwhelmed. We have a good system with our animals and meat supply, but nothing could have prepared us for what we were about to experience. In one weekend we completely sold out of our stock at the local farmers’ markets. Then over the weekend, we received quadruple the number of online orders we are accustomed to receiving. Due to our limited supply of meat each week we had to take a step back and gather our bearings in order to continue to give you all the customer service you have grown to expect from us. So, on March 17th we stopped taking orders for a few days. Now things had calmed down for us in some ways. Although we were faced with another dilemma, rising costs. Everywhere we looked our operating costs were skyrocketing. My parents and I were faced with a hard decision – close up shop until things get better, raise all our prices across the board, or charge a small fee on every order just until things normalize. We decided that the fee would be the best option because we could remove it as soon as things settle down. It would also allow us to keep cutting and shipping our meats to our customers who now needed to stay at home. My parents and I were also struggling with the fact that we couldn’t get our customers’ orders shipped out under our normal shipping schedule. We have prided ourselves on doing whatever we could to help get our customers their order as fast as possible and yet we were severely limited by time and supply. So before we started accepting new orders again we wanted to let everyone know that we are running behind, no we haven’t run out of meat or help we just don’t have the daily or weekly supply to meet everyone’s needs this second.

But with each new day, we have more meats being processed from our farm.  Currently, we have about a 2-week delay from the time an order is placed until it is delivered. That time frame may get smaller or bigger depending on the orders that we cut each day. We are committed to taking care of each customer that places an order with us.

I want to let you know that we are now accepting new orders. But with a few changes to keep in mind.

At this time there will be a temporary fee attached to each order based on the dollar amount spent (please see the table below). There will be a delay in receiving your order because we have limited supply each week. Each customer is important, and every order will be fulfilled in the order it was received. I also want you to know that it may take a few days for us to start processing your order, which means there will also be a delay in receiving an order confirmation email. At this time, we are only a day or 2 behind but if we are flooded with orders that time frame may also expand. Just know that we will get to it as soon as we can.

Thank you again for your patience and understanding during this crazy time. We appreciate your support of our farm and wouldn’t be here without you.

Stay home, stay safe and stay healthy,


P.S. For those who are loyal Farm Share customers. Your orders are considered already “placed” and will not be interrupted during this delay. Please help us by letting us know of any changes to your order as soon as possible. Thank you for your support!

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