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Farm Life

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Meet Remi!

Getting Personal: Meet Remi Remi & I Growing up on the farm instilled in me a love for animals. But my favorite animals on our farm were

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What is REALLY in the Chicken You are Eating?

It’s no surprise to many of those who taste one of our chickens that they are some of the best around. But you may be asking yourself “what

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Farm Tour #9 / Chicks Peck For Food

Join Katie & Shaena as they go on another farm tour. This week they spend more time on Katie’s personal farm and explore where the chicks li

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2020 – A New Year and a New Decade

2020 – A new year and a new decade The new year means resolutions or goals for many people. Many want to lose weight, get into shape, spend

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Farm Tour #8 / Where the Chickens Live

Join Katie and Shaena as they tour Katie’s personal farm. Find out where our chickens live and how they are raised.

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The 80/20 rule for my family.

My kids and the 80/20 rule. Over the years, I have learned that we are all on a journey. Our lives are that journey. Sometimes there are low

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Farm Tour #6 / Pasture Rotation

Join Katie & Shaena as they tour the farm again. Shaena asks Katie about the cow’s pasture space and Katie explains more about our sustainab

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Farm Tour #5 / Natural Fly Prevention

Join Katie & Shaena as they go out in the pasture with the cows. Learn why the cows often stand huddled together and how they keep those pes

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Suet – How to use it.

Suet, what is it and how do you use it? That is a question we often hear. If you have heard of suet, it is probably because you enjoy feedin

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Farm Tour #4 / Living it up on pasture

Join Katie & Shaena as they continue their farm tour. Shaena has questions just like many of you and Katie does her best to explain what lif

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Construction season on the Farm

It’s that time of year again. If you are from Michigan you know spring through fall it’s orange barrel season. Lots of road construction bec

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Farm Tour #2 – Feed for Winter

Join Katie as she kicks off the farm tour with an introduction to our cows feed. It’s a great experience learning what we feed our cows in t

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