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Baby Back Ribs

Other common names include loin ribs, pork loin back ribs, and back ribs. To cut the back ribs from the pig, you will get it where the spine and the ribs meet, once the loin is removed. The upper ribs which are also known as baby back ribs are shorter than the bigger spare ribs.

There are about 10-13 curved ribs in the baby back rib rack. These ribs weigh about 2 pounds and stretch between 3-6 inches long. The baby back ribs are lean and tender. They are also on high demand compared to spare ribs.


Spare ribs

They are also referred to as breastbone-off pork spare ribs. They are the rib cuts found inside the belly region once the belly is removed. The meaty ribs are trimmed to spare ribs by removing the chewy cartilage and the hard breastbone, making the meat block rectangular in shape.

Spare ribs are flatter compared to baby back ribs; this makes it easier for them to brown. If well cooked, they can produce a lot of flavor. For each block of spare ribs that weighs approximately 2 1/2 pounds, about four people can indulge in it.


Differencing in cooking between the two different types of pork ribs

Both farm raised meat require slow cooking time with low heat to make the meat tender and sweet. You can decide to grill, braise, or smoke the meat. Ensure to add some spices when cooking to mix up the flavor.


Is it possible to substitute the baby back ribs and the spare ribs?

You can substitute the baby back ribs with the spare ribs. Now, since baby back ribs are smaller, you will need almost twice as much baby back ribs to make the substitute complete. Additionally, spare ribs are large; this means that they take a lot of time to cook. Keep in mind that it takes between 1 1/2 – 2 hours to cook baby back ribs, and between 2 1/2 – 3 hours to cook spare ribs.





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